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 All poems copyright ©2010 by Terry R. Bacon.  All rights reserved.

They Are Forty Gone to War

Gate D17

The fat man is
at his plane
being late
he could miss
is connection
he screams
at the agent
volume being
a great equalizer
his jowls shake
like the floppy ears
of a bloodhound
clearing its head.

Summer Dreams

An army of blondes,
most taller than I,
dance in long rows,
their silky hair and
green dresses swaying
as though choreographed
to the whine and whisper
of songs whistling in
their ears.  

The Horse in the Bay Window

A pale wooden
horse stands in
a bay window
bereft of rockers
unshod hooves
forfeit of
dignity in a
retirement come
too soon.

Mile 11

A new tree grows
at mile 11
near the crest
of the hill
rising from the
Maam Valley
marking the place
where in our
surging tide one fell


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