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The Terrible Dilemma We Face

Okay, I was wrong about Donald Trump.  I didn’t think he’d last through the primaries.  His surprising victory in securing the Republican nomination is as shocking to me as it was to most people, including the leaders of the Republican party.  However, I stand by my prediction that Trump will fall.  Eventually.  Sooner or later.  If he loses in the general election, he’ll no doubt find people to blame (except himself).  He’s already said that the election may be rigged, which sets the stage for his explanation of that failure if it happens.  If he wins in the general election, then I think his fall will be much more spectacular and ruinous, not for Trump but for the country, because Trump hasn’t a clue how to govern the richest, most powerful nation on Earth, and he is a dangerous and erratic narcissist.


Sarah Palin Superstar

Sarah PalinWhether you love her or hate her, it would be hard to argue that Sarah Palin is one of the most fascinating people to arrive in the public arena in some time. When John McCain picked her as his running mate in 2008, it’s fair to say that most people outside of Alaska had never heard of her. Now she is a contributor on Fox News, gets a hundred grand for speaking engagements, has a media following that puts her in the spotlight whenever she appears in public, and tops at least some people’s list of candidates for the presidency in 2012

How powerful is this woman? And could she become our next president?

Looking at her sources of power helps illuminate why Sarah Palin became a populist sensation and whether her star will shine brightly in the night sky for a long time to come or whether, like a shooting star, she will fizzle out after a spectacular display of pyrotechnics.

By Terry R. Bacon
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