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  • Turtle Underwater
    Turtle Underwater

    A Hawaiian green turtle lying in the ocean near the Four Seasons resort on the Kona Coast.  You can see a small school of fish hovering over its shell.  Photo by Debra.

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  • Shipwreck

    This piece of a wrecked ship lies on the beach outside of Kona Village, a resort on the Kona Coast of Hawaii that was badly damaged the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 and remains shut down.  Both are emblematic of broken dreams.  Photo by Debra.

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  • Pacific Humpback Whale Breaching
    Pacific Humpback Whale Breaching

    This Pacific Humpback Whale breached off the coast of Hawaii about 50 yards from our boat.  It kept its eye on us as it circled our boat.  Then it dove, its curiosity satisfied.  Photo by Terry.

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  • Don't Walk
    Don't Walk

    I took this shot at a pedestrian crossing in Queenstown, New Zealand.  The guy looks like he strayed from the crosswalk and fell headfirst into an open manhole.  No one else seemed to notice, but after I took this shot other people started aiming their cameras, and for a few moments this workman's legs became a tourist attraction.  Photo by Terry.

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  • Terry in Russia in 2004
    Terry in Russia in 2004

    Me in St. Petersburg.  We stayed in an apartment above a children's art school and museum on the Fontanka Embankment.  When we went to the airport to fly home, we were taken aside by three Russian policemen with submachine guns.  They demanded 3,000 rubles before they would allow us to leave.  Later, Debra asked if I was upset about paying a bribe.  I said, "No, the story value alone is worth more than that."  Photo by Debra.

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  • Lazy sea lion in the Galapagos Islands
    Lazy sea lion in the Galapagos Islands

    I almost did not see him, camouflaged as he was by the gray rocks he slept on.  This juvenile spent a lazy afternoon on the rocks before venturing back to the sea to hunt for dinner.  Photo by Terry.

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  • Sten

    Sten is the oldest of my grandsons.  This photo, taken a few years ago by his big sister, showcases his mischievious hazel eyes and just a hint of a grin.  Needless to say, he is very dear to me.  Photo by Bryn Joyner.

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  • Sunset at Puako Beach
    Sunset at Puako Beach

    A fallen tree lies at the edge of Puako beach on the Kohala coast of Hawaii.  Its branches form an "eye" on the horizon with spectacular views as the sun sets behind a colorful quilt of clouds.  Photo by Terry.

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  • Koi under lily pads
    Koi under lily pads

    A gold koi swims beneath rust-colored lily pads in a Japanese pond. I love the warmth of the living things contrasted with the cool green of the water—and the faint ripples of water radiating from the lily pad at the bottom of the photo. Note the visual tension between that lily pad and the brilliant orange of the fish, tension reflected in the rippling water that seems to connect them. Photo by Debra.

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  • Debra at an Irish pub
    Debra at an Irish pub

    My wild Irish beauty enjoying an evening in a pub in County Clare. The backlighting gave her red hair a fiery glow. Some moments in everyone’s life are priceless, and this was one such moment for me. Photo by Terry.

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