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  • Hawaiian sunset
    Hawaiian sunset

    The setting sun over the Pacific off Waikaloa on the Kohala coast of the Big Island. In such a beautiful place it’s hard not to take classic postcard photos. We watched intently as a sun dipped below the oceanic horizon but did not see the green flash. Maybe next time. Photo by Debra.

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  • Stone bridge over the sea
    Stone bridge over the sea

    This lava bridge on the Galapagos Islands looked too tenuous to cross. It spanned a small inlet where ocean waves relentlessly washed over the walls beneath where we stood. It reminded me that in the clash between water and stone, the water’s persistence always prevails. The movement of light and shadow on the water’s glassy surface was mesmerizing. Photo by Terry.

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  • A contemplative Irishman
    A contemplative Irishman

    We saw this man in a pub in Lisdoonvarna, a small village in western Ireland. It was a cold March afternoon, and he sat snuggled in his heavy coat, alone with his thoughts. I imagined him gazing across the expanse of his life and wondered whether he felt more in heaven or in hell. His thousand-yard stare never wavered. Photo by Debra.

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